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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the European Airway Management Society (EAMS)’s Board of Directors, we would like to invite you to join us at the 2nd European Airway Congress, on December 5 – 7, 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey.

EAMS is a pan-European medical society founded in 2003 which exists to improve further education training and development in the management of the patients’ airway by anaesthesia, critical care and emergency medicine healthcare providers.

The 1st European Airway Congress was held in Padova, Italy, some years ago, 2005.

There had been a number of advancement in the field of airway management within years and EAMS was able to reinforce clinical safety initiatives, supporting teaching through affiliated Countries and introducing these topics within ESA, with the 19th Scientific Subcommittee (Airway Management).

We are convinced that discussing, training and learning new developments in the light of basic knowledge could increase the success rate of airway management and patient safety. EAMS Board of Directors decided to have the second congress to reach this goal in 10th anniversary year of EAMS foundation.

The airway management needs education combined with training and to cope with latest advanced technology, “Education, Teaching & Training” has been chosen as the motto of the congress.

The star of the congress is Istanbul, a unique and exotic city where two continents meet. You will inspire history and beauty in a harmony. The Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans, three major empires had ruled the world from this city in the past.

Save the dates, December 5 – 7, 2013 and plan to attend the congress in Istanbul.

Looking forward to see you all in Istanbul.

Congress Chairman

      Flavia Petrini, MD, PhD
      EAMS President